Turn it Up!

Get your horns up and get ready for some headbangin', it's time to Turn It Up!

You'll be bombarded by Reel Enhancers, with Symbols powersliding off the reels or just getting Wilder. A finger-popping riff will get you closer to riches and our Free Spins will make sure you Keep On Rockin'!

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Reel Enhancers

Non-winning spins are rewarded with reel enhancers, which make the next winning spin even better!

Win Spin Bonus

After a winning spin, the Win Spin Bonus may be triggered, which gives you random enhancements for your next spin!

Keep on Rockin’ Bonus

Land 3 scatters to trigger the Bonus feature! Reel enhancements stay active, and more are added on each non-winning spin!

One More Win

That’s not all, there’s One More Win to look forward to at the end of your free spins!

Wild Swarm

Everyone’s abuzz with excitement and a Swarm could start at any moment!

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