The Shadow Order

Delve into the innermost circles of the mysterious ancient organisation!

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The Shadow Order is a 5 x 5 cascading symbol game with a secret society theme. The game includes three base game features, four unlockable characters and a Free Games Feature.


During the base game, three or more similar symbols in a row is a winning combination.


After each win, all winning symbols are removed and replaced with new symbols from the top of the grid.


When cascades take place, the orb symbols sitting above the grid get charged. The orbs are charged in order and carry increasingly strong powers.

Once three are collected, the orb will drop into the top row of the grid making them wild symbols.


If orb symbols land on a hotspot, they will trigger a power.


Unlock new characters by collecting Ring symbols.

The ring symbol is a symbol that immediately collects upon landing, revealing a random symbol in its place.


There are 4 levels represented by 4 different characters. Each character has a power they can use at the end of any spin that could be moved across. The character that triggers will be randomly chosen among the unlocked characters.

LEVEL 1: Molly - The Messenger

The first character is unlocked by default.

Players start on Level 1.
The character will charge up whatever remains to drop in Orb 1 and clear the first row. Orb 1 will then drop into the first row and behave as normal.

LEVEL 2: Billy - The Gambler

At the end of a game round that failed fully charge the first orb, the gambler will select low-paying symbols and convert them into the highest-paying symbol on the grid!

LEVEL 3: Archie - The Spy

At the end of a game round that failed fully charge the first orb, the character will replace one random symbol on each reel with a Wild symbol.

LEVEL 4: Amarillo - The Magister

At the end of a game round that failed fully charge the first orb, the highest level character will hold the High symbols and clear all the remaining symbols and once cascade only Highs.


This feature is triggered when all 3 orbs are charged to the maximum. The Orb symbols will drop in one after the other as space becomes available as a result of wins.

Immortal Guild

Gather your forces and venture forth, the Immortal Guild is ready for battle!

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