Employment of Ex-Offenders

Employment of Ex-Offenders


Company Policy - Candidates based in the UK
Version 1.0. Last updated: 21 April 2022

1. Purpose
Push Gaming Limited (UK) (the “Company”) is committed to promoting equality of opportunity and welcomes applications from a diverse range of candidates. This document outlines the Company’s approach to the employment of ex-offenders.

2. Audience
This Policy applies to all candidates who have submitted their application for employment at the Company irrespective of the channel or method of submitting their application as well as all personnel of the Company. All decision-making personnel are required to ensure complete compliance with the present Policy, and every member of the Management Team shall ensure that the members within their department have been made aware and have read and understood the subject matter and the approach outlined in this Policy.

3. Employment of Ex-Offenders
Candidates are assessed based on their professional qualifications, previous experience and personal characteristics; criminal records will be taken into account for the recruitment purposes only when the conviction is deemed relevant or serious enough to warrant an additional consideration of the applicant’s suitability. Please refer to the Candidate Privacy Policy for more details.

Candidates are required to disclose any convictions during the application or onboarding stage which may be a subject of a measured and fair discussion on the subject of the relevance of the conviction to the job role during an interview with a candidate. Any convictions that are not declared before the specified date, may result in the withdrawal of the offer of the employment or disciplinary action and/or dismissal and will be treated as a violation of this Policy.

The candidate is not required to disclose any spent convictions or cautions that are protected in accordance with amendments to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (Exceptions) Order 1975 (2013 and 2020); such convictions will not be taken into account when determining the suitability of a candidate, even if voluntarily disclosed. This does not apply if the position applied for is considered to be of ‘utmost integrity’, in which case the full disclosure of all convictions and cautions must be made. The applicant will be made aware if the position applied for is regarded to be of utmost integrity during the application process. The candidate is advised to refer to the guidance and criteria which describes the filtering of convictions considered ‘protected’ here.

All unspent convictions must always be disclosed, irrespective of the position applied for.

All information disclosed regarding the conviction will be kept confidential and only further disclosed to those who partake in the decision-making process regarding the candidate’s suitability for employment.

As such, having a conviction will not necessarily bar a candidate from achieving employment at the Company. The nature, circumstances and the background to the offence will be considered when determining the suitability of the candidate. The Company undertakes not to discriminate unfairly against any candidates on the basis of a conviction and is committed to the fair treatment of its staff.

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