Debate: Does responsible gambling advertising and messaging need a different regulatory approach throughout the pandemic?

Our Chief Risk Officer, Jessica Maier, recently participated in a debate with EGR on whether a different regulatory approach is required for responsible gambling during this pandemic.


The use of correct messaging and advertising is of utmost importance at all times, however, now more than ever during such difficult times where some players may find themselves to be more vulnerable.


Read on to see what she had to say about this.



Covid-19 has changed the way we live dramatically. With lockdowns, self-isolation and social distancing becoming the ‘new normal’, it is easy to see why there are concerns over player safety, even if overall online gambling activity has declined during the pandemic.


I therefore think it is common sense for regulators and the industry to look at the impact the present situation has on gambling behaviour and to define additional player protection measures, where and as needed.


After all, it’s a core responsibility to keep gambling safe and minimise the risk of player harm. This must apply even more in unprecedented times where the uncertainties we are dealing with create far more unknowns than ever before. Put simply, player protection needs to be top of the agenda and we need to continuously work on increasing standards, especially in challenging times.  


Given the present economic situation and unique circumstances of living, our industry is understandably being scrutinised and reminded of its social responsibilities by regulators worldwide.

I do feel that the vast majority of the industry has committed well to pro-actively embracing these responsibilities early on in the pandemic.


We’ve seen responsible advertising being promoted heavily, an increase in monitoring and direct RG messaging as well as strong collaboration with regulators to share experiences, data and insights. This has done well, ensuring that the measures taken this year have afforded a hugely evolved culture that I hope is here to stay.


It is a commitment we, as an industry, should stand by and constantly renew. It should also help to ensure that measures considered or taken actually achieve a higher level of player protection and address the risks associated with the pandemic more and more appropriately. This is especially the case as we learn more about the effects of the pandemic on players which will help introduce the most suitable measures to limit gambling harm.


The full debate may be found here.


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