Interview: CCO Nicola Longmuir speaks with CasinoBeats on the UKGC's new measures

The UK Gambling Commission recently announced a new set of measures as part of a reform aimed at strengthening and improving player safety and control for online slots. These include a ban on auto-play, reversing withdrawals, and spins that are faster than 2.5 seconds, as well as features that speed up play and celebrate losses as wins.

Following on from this announcement, our CCO Nicola Longmuir, was invited by CasinoBeats to give her thoughts on such measures, and how this will impact Push Gaming and the industry as a whole.

This is part of a longer feature including feedback from other experts in the industry, that can be seen here.

How does the announcement from the UKGC impact the development of your future titles and the appeal for online slots in the UK?
The announcement was unsurprising and expected for us. The guidelines the UKGC have outlined were consistent with the regulator’s pre-announced plans, and we’ve been working towards a development pipeline that can easily adapt to these requirements in time for October’s deadline.
We feel confident that with our approach to innovation and agility, we’ll be able to continue delivering our player-first approach that we are so well known for, and with regulatory changes on the horizon across Europe and beyond, we look forward to working in tandem with operators to meet such challenges.
We definitely still see the UK as a growing market, we understand player trends and preferences, as well as demographics that are constantly evolving. Regulatory changes are also part of that natural evolution of the market and we see the appeal of slots in the UK being far more dependent on the entertainment value of the games themselves, rather than higher stakes.

Suppliers who are able to produce top quality content that can truly resonate with players will continue to thrive in the new regulatory landscape – as this is what will drive retention and engagement in 2021.


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