Interview: PO Amit Samji, speaks with NewSlotGames about our recent release, Mystery Museum

One of our Product Owners, Amit Samji, recently spoke to NewSlotGames on one of our recent releases this year - Mystery Museum. He gives some insight on the inspiration behind the game, and also explains why this game is so great, and what players can look forward to.


How do you come up with exciting slot topics and storylines, such as those included in one of your recent releases, Mystery Museum?


We’re always looking to push the envelope when it comes to the development of new games, and the launch of Mystery Museum is no different from the development of a truly original storyline.


The inspiration can come from absolutely anywhere - be it film, music, books, places or art - and we’re open to ideas from anyone within the company. These ideas are then taken forward by our team of product owners and developed further with our artists and mathematicians.


In the case of Mystery Museum, we wanted to create a theme that would captivate players and evoke feelings of mystery and intrigue whilst playing, and this is where the museum concept came about. Filled with historic artefacts and ancient treasures, players get to immerse themselves in the mystery that surrounds them.


The game offers an action-packed adventure that contains exciting symbols and intriguing relics, and with the turn of every corner of the museum, players get to encounter something new and exciting which we feel really brings the game to life.


Do current trends inspire you or do you prefer to stick to classics when developing new slots?


Our design team takes inspiration from a variety of sources when developing a new slot. For example, in our release Immortal Guild, we primarily took influences from Game of Thrones and The Last Kingdom.


Apart from a mystery theme, Mystery Museum also owes much to the current ‘book trend’ of action-adventure literature, and by researching what’s popular on Netflix and Amazon Prime, we then added those elements we saw fit along with the inimitable Push Gaming twist.


Could you explain the developmental stages of Mystery Museum’s creation process? What do you start with and what are the main elements?


After the inception of the idea, we discuss how to incorporate that into game development. Working closely with mathematicians, we create a skeletal form of the slot to see how everything balances out.


Once we have a solid foundation on which to build, our art team develops a unique theme and we create a prototype incorporating both the math and animations. We then refine the product in relation to feedback, while continually adding in the elements that make Push Gaming slots stand out from the crowd.


Push Gaming is renowned for quality over quantity – how often do game developers need to release titles to stay successful?


Our longevity has come from the quality of our games. Wild Swarm, Fat Rabbit, Fat Santa and Jammin’ Jars have all become industry favourites, and that’s because we take our time when developing slots. I don’t believe releasing a myriad of forgettable games is as important as taking the time and effort to design slots which players can enjoy for years to come.


Can you give a few tips for beginners in slot creation? What should they start with and what are the key elements to keep in mind?


Keeping abreast of the latest market trends is essential and what players expect from online slots is hugely different from those who enjoy land-based games. Being fresh and unique is what works for us, and that comes from consistently listening to feedback and being aware of what the market is craving.


How do you ensure a slot appeals to both new players and high rollers?


It’s important to ensure that titles appeal to every player in several ways. With the launch of Mystery Museum, we developed a game that high rollers can enjoy due to the opportunities for big wins. For players looking to have fun for lower stakes, excitement is experienced through the intrigue of the game’s multitude of influences and exciting new features that guarantee thrilling gameplay each and every time. 


What are the promotional strategies you have used to publicise Mystery Museum and how do you tend to promote new slots?


Mystery Museum started off by having had a hugely successful beta test on Mr Green, and our partners and their customers are always excited to see the launch of the latest Push Gaming titles.


Social media is also very important. Fantastic game sessions shown by streamers play an important role in demonstrating the game’s potential. However, our emphasis of quality over quantity really shines through in an industry where unique game design is sometimes secondary to output.


We take pride in our games and are delighted with the feedback that we receive from players around the release of our new titles which is a testament to that hard work.


What can gamblers expect from this game?


In one word: excitement!


To elaborate further - this game is filled with some fantastic features. One of which that we’re very excited about is the Power Gamble™ feature, as we have never yet had anything similar to this in any of our previous games. This feature puts players in control and gives them the flexibility to choose between different gamble options which can allow them to either significantly increase their winnings, or else, experience the free spins bonus round more frequently. Should players prefer a more traditional approach to the game, we also provide them with the option to disable the Power Gamblefeature completely.


For those that want that little bit extra, the gamble feature is exciting as it is presented by way of a gamble ladder. A qualifying win will trigger the ladder and the player retains control as they have the options to progress up the ladder. Those who are successful in reaching the top, have the option to collect or exchange for the free games bonus.


If the Power Gamblefeature is not available, then there is plenty more to look forward to! The Mystery Stacks in the base game bring about a lot of anticipation and these evolve further to behave differently in the free games as they become sticky and can bring about some fantastic win potential.


With a truly original theme, unique features, and new mechanics which includes win exposures, our Mystery Museum also offers a minimum 10 cent stake, making this game a joy for anyone intrepid enough to spin its reels.


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