Interview: Product Owner, Amit Samji speaks with Slot Beats on our recent release, Mystery Musuem

One of our product owners, Amit Samji, recently spoke with Slot Beats, on the development process for our recent release, Mystery Museum. They also discussed the inspiration behind the theme, as well as the exciting features that it has to offer.


Push Gaming have been known to push the boundaries in its slot games, firing out new features and concepts with almost every slot. We’ve had a talk with the team’s Product Owner, Amit Samji, who has given us a look behind the scenes at the development process that went into Mystery Museum.


We prioritise quality over quantity in all we do at Push Gaming. We may not churn out a high volume of similar titles week-in-week-out, but we always give players something new and refreshing, and that’s what they’ll find with our latest hit Mystery Museum.

Our slots differ significantly from title to title, but we’ve got a fine-tuned development strategy which has allowed us to execute each of them to their potential. In this inclusive title, we wanted to play with the idea of bringing various game genres, like Egyptian and Far Eastern, together in one game, and the museum setting fit perfectly for this.

Our team also wanted to evoke feelings of mystery and secrets for players to experience - just as one would when visiting a museum itself. This was done by introducing artefacts and myths in the game, such as Medusa's Shield, and the helmet of Aries as part of the art.


From here, we look to see how the concept can drive relevant, innovative, and engaging features, while also working with the game’s planned math model. This is where the challenge truly begins, with various teams simultaneously working together to really make the game come to life.

As with all our games, we wanted to include something new that players could enjoy, as well as something that would really elevate the game play experience by increasing intensity and anticipation. Here's where our new Power Gamble feature in Mystery Museum came in. This feature allows for three gambling options to build up to a 100x win, and offers players the feeling that they're battling against it, as they hunt for the max multiplier.



Not only does Power Gamble add that progressive, ‘against the house’ element, but it gives different players different targets, with the Free Game round also available to those seeking it out.

It’s this variation that we want to provide in Push Gaming slots, making them feel bespoke to the player in question, and as extra features go, Mystery Museum delivers on that.

Disclaimer: Unfortunately the Power Gamble feature is currently unavailable for the UK market. However, there is still plenty more excitement that this game offers, with its Mystery Stacks and high win potential. 



The inclusive feel roles into our staking rules too. Whether you’re a casual slots player or a high roller, Mystery Museum has you covered. With stakes as low as 10 cents and a max win of 17,500X, this game is set to offer something for everyone.

Player engagement is what we strive for at Push, and although the slots vertical is becoming more saturated by the day, we’re confident in our ability to deliver new ideas that bring players in, and leaves them wanting more. 

In Mystery Museum, we’ve looked beyond the igaming doorstep and sought out inspiration from literature, television, and various other entertainment channels to help create the slot zeitgeist, not just follow it. It’s been a big hit to date, and its trajectory looks well set to continue.

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