Interview: Senior Game Producer, Amit Samji, speaks to SlotGods on our upcoming game, Nightfall

Nightfall is one of the many exciting games we have coming up this year, and is set to be one of the darker themed games forming part of our portfolio.

See what our Senior Game Producer, Amit Samji, had to say about the game when speaking to SlotGods.

What was the inspiration behind Nightfall?

Nightfall started off with a cathedral theme and as we expanded upon this initial concept, we began adding in the gargoyle characters, which are situated on either side of the game grid. These gargoyles fed into the symbols that we created and led to us having a much darker overall theme, however, they also work to add a lot of personality and fun to the game.

Our Artist for this release was inspired by his time living in Paris and the gothic architecture found there such as the Notre Dame, as well as other references from his favourite illustrators, games and Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame movie. All these references helped inspire our design and Nightfall’s overall concept.

What features can we expect from Nightfall?

Nightfall is home to our new Instant Prize Slabs that are positioned to the top of the game board and show bet multipliers. Their value is depicted with different colours and this can go as high as 5,000x! Also present are the Fireballs and Multiplier Fireball symbols with at least three of these being needed to destroy the Instant Prize Slabs. The Multiplier Fireballs can climb as high as 50x and together with the Instant Prize Slabs can make a huge winning combination for players. 

Nightfall also contains Wild Scatter symbols that aid in the creation of winning combinations across the slot’s 20 pay lines whilst helping to award the Free Spins round. The Free Spins round will award six Free Spins and lock in Instant Prize Slabs across the top of the game board with only Fireballs, Multiplier Fireballs and Wild Scatters being able to be landed on the game grid. Any damage sustained to the Instant Prize Slabs is held throughout the round along with the amount of Scatters landed with three required to award two additional spins. 

How have Push Gaming added its own unique stamp on the slot?

Slot titles that have dark or gothic themes typically tend to focus more on vampires, the supernatural or paranormal activity. However as with all our games, even if we adopt a popular game theme, we always like to add our own twist to it. 

In this case, we primarily focused on creating an atmosphere and the feel of a dark theme rather than this being too overt and did this through the music and game art, with only a hint of the supernatural being presented by Nightfall’s symbols. We feel this will help players to focus more on the fantastic instant prizes available as well as the other features in the game rather than the theming being the focal point.

What do you think players will love the most about Nightfall?

Nightfall is the darkest themed game that we have in our portfolio so far and offers something new for people to experience, we feel players will be drawn by the rock music found here and an eerie nocturnal adventure full of surprises along the way. 

Our players always like the opportunity to land big wins in our releases and Nightfall has that potential from the very start of the game as generous Instant Prize Slabs lie on top of the reels. Once these get destroyed, by being hit by the Fireball symbols at least 3 times, wins are paid out. Even greater win potential is available if the Fireball symbols also land with multipliers attached. 

The game intensifies further during the unlimited Free Spins round with even greater wins available, overall Nightfall can offer players a max win potential of 20,000x and this will be a huge draw for many players. 

Finally, can you give us any hint about what else is coming in 2022?

Nightfall demonstrates that our portfolio is becoming more varied than ever with new and exciting game themes and mechanics available whilst bringing in some familiarity too.

Throughout 2022 we aim to bring our players even more games to look forward to when compared to previous years. We will be continuing our Fat series with Fat Banker which builds upon the Fat series foundations whilst offering new things to look forward to. 

This year will also see the return of a much-loved game with an exciting sequel that we’ve enhanced to offer even more entertainment for players and will be available this summer. Additionally, our games will be offered in even more markets, and we will be adding more Bonus Buys which will be available in existing and new games.  

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