Interview: Senior Game Producer, Amit Samji, speaks to SlotWise

2022 has already been an exciting year for Push Gaming with the release of Bison Battle, Big Bamboo and now Nightfall. Our Senior Game Producer, Amit Samji spoke to SlotWise about life at push, providing some insight into our latest releases and more!

How are the creative and development processes organised at your company?

"We work as a team on any given game idea, theme, or feature idea. Members from all departments would give their feedback and input, this always brings out the creativity in all of us. With game concepts nailed in this way, our development process falls into place."

We’re really enjoying the Big Bamboo slot that went live in March. For those who have not played it yet, could you let us know what can players expect from this game? 

"Big Bamboo was one of our most highly anticipated releases for this year and has been very well received by players. This game gives the player the excitement, thrills and amazing bonus to keep them entertained, with our Super High Paying Panda Symbol teasing them the whole way. 

Added to this is our variety of Free Games features, where the player can spin the wheel for a chance to get an even bigger and better Free Games Feature. With the Mystery Stacked Symbol playing throughout the game, the player will really love to see the anticipated reveals that they experience in the amazing game Razor Shark."

Push Gaming has released another new slot, titled Nightfall. Could you tell us a bit more about this game and its features? 

"Nightfall is amongst the few titles that we have that will give players a real casino slots feel, with Instant Prize spinning throughout the game and always showing the potential. The player will easily adapt to the game style and the mechanics. 

With a 20,000x max win potential, it will always feel like its fingertips away from being won. Nightfall is a 5x3 slot with 20 paylines, the game has instant prizes throughout. The game also consists of a progressive Free Games Feature, where things really heat up. The player will see some amazing prizes that are up for being won right from the start of the Free Games Feature."

What do you believe is the main advantage of Push Gaming compared to other gaming studios? 

"We invest a lot of time and resources on each and every game we put into the market so within a relatively small portfolio of games we offer a lot of diversity in features, themes and mechanics. Probably the only regular thing you can expect in our games is volatility and we definitely enjoy producing memorable experiences."

Can you name the top 3 slots from Push Gaming that should be checked out by players who have never tried your games before? 

"The top 3 games to really check out to understand what Push Gaming is about are Razor Shark, Jammin' Jars/Jammin' Jars 2 and Big Bamboo. There are others I would also recommend, but these 3 games will really show how Push Gaming can deliver games that are different and unique from each other."

Could you give us a sneak peek of what’s coming next from Push Gaming in 2022? 

"For 2022, be sure to see some recognisable mechanics evolved to give you the best entertainment! 

We are really excited about our upcoming roadmap for this year, and players can continue to see more variety of in-game themes and features, as they did in 2021. Our main focus is to not only create fantastic entertainment that is unique and lives on, but also, to provide as much choice to players as possible. 

We started the year off with a classic and land-based theme favourite, Bison Battle. The remainder of the year will offer content equally as exciting, but also new and different. We re-released Mount Magmas in February, that’s got even bigger win potential, as well as Big Bamboo and Nightfall in March. 

So far this has proven to be another huge success with players. We've released Nightfall, and our classics Mystery Museum and Joker Troupe are relaunched with several exciting Bonus Buy options too. 

Our next upcoming game is Fat Banker, which is part of our Fat series and will be released on May 19th. The theme for Fat Banker is set around the 1920s era. The art team were inspired by the Art Deco movement, which embodies opulence and class, and has fit this theme so well. The concept drew upon characteristics of this time period, from flashy cars and jewelled symbols. These of course were styled with a playful tone that is so iconic in our Fat Games.

Players will also get to enjoy some of our more popular themes and mechanics that have been enhanced for upcoming games, as well as a return on some of our much-loved classics - with a few surprises, of course!"

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