Community Q&A – Your questions answered by our Game Producer!

Push Gaming’s Principal Game Producer Amit Samji spoke with Roy (Spintwix) from CasinoRing to answer some fan questions sent in from members of the CasinoRing community.

@donkey.spin - What are the next releases? Will we have Jammin’ Jars 3?
We have recently announced that Giga Jar is on its way, with is in effect a new addition to the Jammin’ series. We will see what the future holds but we all love the Jammin’ games at Push and would love to work on another.

@Gary Payne - I often wonder how long it takes, on average to develop a slot?
It all depends on the size of the game. From initial concept through to submitting the final version it takes on average 6-10 months for development.

@Gerrard - What is the reasoning behind introducing max win caps on the likes of Retro Tapes for example?
We want players to feel that top end wins are achievable in our games, similarly to winning a jackpot. 

@Scott barker-jackson - What was the thought process behind Razor Shark, the seaweed, coins and multipliers? I love it and wonder how you came up with it?
The seaweed generally goes with the theme of the game, we always wanted to incorporate that imagery into the game. The introduction of coins and multipliers came from one of our brainstorm sessions where we suggest new ideas for mechanics and themes. 

@nikotaimioja - What is the most fun part of making new games?
In my opinion it has to be the part of game development where we get to do extensive research and brainstorm endless ideas. It’s really fun to start with a blank canvas or initial idea, stretch it to its limits, then refine it over time into a fully realised game.

Thank you to the CasinoRing members who contributed to this Q&A. Click here to find out more about our upcoming release Giga Jar!


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