Q&A: Game Producer, Anastasiia Mysan speaks to CasinoDaddy

Push Gaming's Junior Game Producer Anastasiia Mysan sat down with CasinoDaddy for Aboutslots to discuss her experience in iGaming and working with Push on new releases in the Product Team. Anastasiia is Product Owner on Push Gaming's highly anticipated sequel to fan favourite Dinopolis, Dino P.D.


1. Who is Push Gaming according to you?
To me, Push Gaming is one of the top slot providers on the market that pays a lot attention to the quality and diversity of the games we produce. As a company, Push cares not only about the product but also about the employees and their wellbeing.  

2. What are your goals?
My ultimate goal is to work with our team to create a top performing game that would be played across all countries, even in the most demanding markets. As for the personal goals, I aim to empower our team to create amazing games and polish the processes accordingly to make each new release better and more enjoyable for them to work on. I want the team to always know what they are doing, when they need to deliver, why each release matters and for who it is made for.  

3. Can you tell us about your journey and what motivated you to start developing slots? How have you developed since then?
I used to work as a Customer Support Agent and later Customer Support Team Lead in a product gaming company. Then I switched to Project Management at an outsourcing gaming company, and finally became a Game producer at Push Gaming. I wanted to join a company where product quality and player enjoyment are more important than the quantity of produced games. As for the slots developing, I felt like I could benefit from my previous experience but the industry was still pretty new and unknown to me. I am always open to new opportunities so I decided that it is worth giving it a shot. Since then, I improved a lot in understanding the slots industry, who are the players and what is important to them. I am still learning new things to help further my understanding of what makes a great slot game.  

4. What’s special about your games?
The games I am working on right now are unique takes on some features that players may be familiar with. So that is what makes them special - features that players are already familiar with but presented in a new and unique way wrapped in fabulous art to form an entirely new experience.

5. What’s your best game?
The best game that I've been working on is Dino P.D. because it is the only one for now that is soon to be released. I’m excited for players to see Dino P.D. and experience a new side of the world that started in Dinopolis!

6. What are your future plans?
To never stop learning! The self-development process is quite important for me, so I plan to gain more experience every day, apply it to future games, and start creating interesting concepts for even more releases down the line.

7. What would you like to tell your viewers/fans/users?
Don't be afraid to try something new - that's in terms of life goals and gaming, of course.


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