Q&A: Senior Game Producer, Craig Turner speaks to Online-Slot

Our Senior Game Producer, Craig Turner, spoke to Online-Slot about his role, creative process and what to expect from Push in 2024.

Can you describe the process of how a slot game is produced at Push Gaming?
The process here is very similar to any slot game provider. We identify what gaps we have on the roadmap (be that a sequel to a current game, innovative mechanic, etc.) and work up our game pitches. We pitch to the leadership team and then all decide which of the pitches best fill the gaps that we’ve identified.

From there the concept is sent across to one of our studios who can begin working on the game. The major difference between Push and previous companies that I’ve worked for/with is just how engaged the leadership team are in terms of reviewing the game. We constantly have fresh eyes on the games, always assessing if the game is actually fun to play. This gives us time to adapt and change mechanics during the development process to ensure that we create the best game possible.

Can you tell us a little about the Boss Bear and DJ Fox slots?
Boss Bear takes all the best mechanics from Big Bamboo and fine tunes them to hopefully give the player a more enjoyable experience. We’ve removed the need for Mystery Stacks to be adjacent, which allows the player to trigger this feature more frequently. We’ve removed the Gamble Scatter Symbols, meaning that three Scatters always triggers the bonus feature. The max win win has also been reduced to 25,000x, and while still a huge max win it just allows for a better balanced game overall.

DJ Fox is one of our curve ball games. A Win What You See game which builds on our previous release, Generous Jack. Landing numbered vinyl symbols on the reels will pay cash values and the more you land in a row the greater the prize that will be awarded. VIP symbols will open up additional reels and increase the Multiplier Meter, which can award up to x20 multipliers on all wins. The VIP progression can also randomly lock for future spins in a nod to the old school Pub Fruit Machines. DJ Fox also comes with our Push Up feature where, for an additional bet amount, you can open up more of the reels from the off.

What do you believe sets Push Gaming apart from your competitors?
I think we have a great feature set here at Push, which really resonates with customers. Razor Shark, Big Bamboo, Fat Rabbit, Jammin Jars, Wild Swarm; these games are, in my opinion, all modern classics. When you couple these features with our best in class production value you can only really stand out.

We’ve also shown that we’re not afraid to take risks and try something new, Space Stacks, Mad Cars and Generous Jack have all shown that we’re still trying to innovate and push ourselves to make new and exciting games.

We think Push Gaming slots are instantly recognizable. How do you think you've managed to create such a unique and memorable brand?
Our art team does a phenomenal job in designing content which is memorable to our players. A huge amount of work goes into making our games stand out from the crowd.

Will Push Gaming be returning to the ‘Fat’ series?
I’d love to do another one, so never say never!

Are there any other slots that might have a sequel in future?
We have a few in the pipeline. First off is Wild Swarm 2, the original is still one of the best performing Push games so we’re excited to see how players react to the improvements we’ve made.

Retro Tapes will also be getting a sequel in Retro Sweets, this is probably one of my favourite games on the roadmap. We’ve added in the ability to purchase 1 or 2 Scatters during the base game (as you saw in GigaJar) and as a UK punter who cannot bonus buy I think it’s just a game changer.

What is your favourite Push Gaming slot and why?
I’ve always loved Joker Troupe. HyperMode was such a revolutionary idea and when that game got going it was just incredible to sit back and watch. I remember a colleague of mine at a previous employer triggering a huge win on that feature and I was just in awe of the choreography of it all.

Can you give us a sneak peek as to what’s coming in 2024?
2024 will see a bit more diversity in our catalogue. We’ll still be creating the quality, high volatility slots that we’re known and loved for but we’ll be releasing more games to target a wider audience. Regulations are getting tighter in more and more markets and we have to adapt.

We’re looking to create games with lower bonus hit rates, more favourable base games and in turn lower volatility. We’ve had great success this year with 10 Swords and Fish ‘n’ Nudge, especially in the UK, so we’re confident that players will enjoy what is coming in 2024.


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