Q&A: Marketing Director, Darren Stephenson speaks to Slots 777

Push Gaming's Marketing Director, Darren Stephenson spoke to Slots 777 about our new and upcoming releases!


1. Push Gaming was founded back in 2010. Has the company changed over time?

Originally we set out with the idea to bring popular land-based games into the online gaming market so our biggest change was when we decided to focus on building our own unique games and being prepared for the new challenges that presented.

One thing that has never changed is the focus being on the quality of the productions we put out rather than the quantity. 


2. Would you say that Push Gaming has a signature dish? What is it?

If we look at Push Gaming as a whole I believe that we bring excitement and fun to all of our products.

Picking one game as our ‘signature dish’ Razor Shark encompasses everything we love about our games, from the mechanics to the look and feel. Above all, Razor is incredibly fun, which has played a big part in its continued success and popularity among players.


3. What are the current  and upcoming trends in the iGaming industry that you guys at Push Gaming like the most?

We love the amount of innovation around right now as many companies are trying to identify the next big trend or mechanic that might change the norm. The live interactive game show style products have opened up almost a new sector and we like the different styles of betting and strategy that has opened up. We also see the upcoming shift towards more community based play so we’re super intrigued and excited to see how that might change players preferences for different game types or mechanics.


4. How do you keep your public engaged? Do you think that, in order to develop high expectations, it is more convenient to release a lot of new titles with simple features or a less consistent production with innovative and sophisticated features?

At Push, our approach has always been to innovate. Innovation doesn’t always have to mean 100% brand new, it could for example be a twist of an existing mechanic that gives the player a new experience.

We have been building up our games teams to ensure that whilst we won’t put a game out until it’s ready we can still deliver a consistent stream of new titles to the market.


5. Which games would you recommend to someone new to Push Gaming slots?

Big Bamboo for sure! We love that game and it’s proving to be a huge hit with players as well. Razor Shark continues to be an all-time fan favourite, along with the much loved Jammin’ Jars.


6. What do you expect from 2022 at Push Gaming?

We have some really cool themes that we’re working on that we believe players will love, top of the list in that regard, in my opinion, is MadCars coming out in August. We also have some brand new mechanics which will create a completely different game play experience so we’ll wait and see what players think of that. We will continue pushing the boundaries trying to create games that give players different experiences to what they are used to and hope they will enjoy playing them as much as we enjoy making them. 

We will also be entering some new markets, which is super exciting. It’s always interesting to see which games are most popular and who knows how that might influence our future developments and plans.


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