Q&A: Principal Game Producer, Amit Samji speaks to Online Slot

Push Gaming's Principal Game Producer, Amit Samji sat down with Online Slot to look back on 2022 and forward to Push Gaming's plans for 2023.

1. What's the best performing slot of 2022? Why do you think that is?

It’s hard to say, there is a huge variety! If I had to choose one it would be Retro Tapes. It is an exciting game and with the magnet mechanic, we’re seeing super huge wins. The feature potential is also noticeable right away.

2. What is planned for 2023?

We want to deliver more games with features and mechanics that are fan favourites, along with unique takes that become popular in their own right.

3. With sequels becoming increasingly popular, is this something you’ll focus on in 2023?

Yes, as mentioned above, we have proven fan favourite mechanics that we want to introduce in sequels and new games.

4. Will there be a Jammin’ Jars 3?

Some do consider our upcoming game Giga Jar as Jammin' Jars 3 in all but name, it has all the Jammin' Jars series vibes but with some new mechanics to add more wins and  exciting features. I don’t think that rules out a return to the main series if the right ideas and mechanics come together.

5. Do you have to change the design of your slots due to regulation in the UK?

More than changing we are adapting our games to the regulations in the UK without losing anything that makes our games unique and enjoyable.

6. Have you seen a change in players’ needs/wants? Are particular themes more popular than others?

For the regulated market I feel the players want more action in the games they play, an achievable max win and clarity from the get go.

7. Do you plan to release hit frequency rates for your slots?

If players are choosing a game upon its hit rate over the fun and excitement factor, then maybe we would. But personally I do not feel that any player would choose hit rate over the fun and exciting elements to a game.

8. What is your favourite Push Gaming slot and why?

My current favourite is Big Bamboo, it has all the fun of Instant Coins like we have in Razor Shark on a bigger reel set with more lines.



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