World Music Day Q&A with Composer, Alex Dop

At Push Gaming, a core part of bringing the world of a game to life is the sounds, specifically, the music. 

Our Sound Team absorbs every aspect of a game, from the mechanics to the art style, before creating a soundtrack. They are tasked with creating sounds that fit the style of the game and bring the features, mechanics and overall theme to life. Sound Engineer, Alex Dop has worked across every single Push title since his arrival; including iconic hits such as Razor Returns, Wild Swarm 2 and Retro Tapes.

To celebrate World Music Day, we spoke with Alex about his creative process and traced his work at Push back to where his love for music first began. 

What made you fall in love with music?
It was two of my cousins. They introduced me to Linkin Park, which was the hook, then kept me there with their own CD collection and got me started playing bass.

When did your passion for music turn into pursuing it as a profession?
Probably around the age of 11, when I started playing with some friends in a band. Once I started, there was never any doubt that I would do anything else with my life.

What excited you about working on music for Push Gaming?
The opportunity to create so many different types of music, all at a high level, with creative freedom. I love making music for visuals and I’ve never found such a varied palette in any other part of my career.

Which game have you enjoyed working on most?
It’s between Mad Cars and Hearts Highway. Both touch upon styles of music that I personally listen to a lot of, whilst also delivering challenges of their own, either through the format or the style.

Which upcoming release are you most excited for fans to listen to?
Probably Razor Ways, continuing that series is very exciting.

Which album on our Spotify have you listened to the most?
Definitely Mad Cars…and yes I listen to my own music! 😂

Want to hear more? Head over to our Spotify to explore the soundtracks from your favourite Push titles, including Big Bamboo, Retro Sweets and Giga Jar


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