Interview: CEO James Marshall speaks with CasinoBeats on game design

Our CEO, James Marshall, participated in the CasinoBeats 'Future of Entertainment' mini-series, and discussed the evolution of entertainment and the elements of game design.

When designing a game, what elements in particular are you looking to incorporate to appeal to players? What features are in demand right now?

We’ve got two different trends in the market right now – both of which are polar opposites. Players want the gameplay experience to be quicker and have more excitement, while the regulator wants to slow things down. Of course, as a studio we need to work out how to cater to demand from players, whilst ensuring we’re always meeting the requirements of regulatory responsible gambling. 

As a studio we’re not looking to please every single player, and we don’t produce ‘localised’ content – because ultimately markets are not worlds apart.

When it comes to game design, we are aware of the fact that there are regional anomalies in regulations, which makes it impossible to create a game that works for all markets at the start. What we need are games that can provide a universal hit while also offering the potential to incorporate features and mechanics that can work for different markets.

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