The Shadow Order - The Story Behind the Mysterious Ancient Organisation

One of our recent slot releases, The Shadow Order, has made quite an impact among players with its mysterious theme and gripping gameplay. The 5x5 cascading symbols game is filled exciting features all throughout and includes four unlockable characters that add on to the progressive storyline of the game.

Our Product Owner, Carl Wiggman, tells us more about the inspiration of the game and what makes it so intriguing for players.

Game Theme

"The Shadow Order is an exploration of new mechanics in the still somewhat young gridslot genre. The story behind it is of a mysterious, ancient organization that has infiltrated the most intricate parts of society. 

Right away our art team was inspired by this theme, using the setting to not only build an epic storyline with four diverse characters, but also to support in explaining the complex mechanics of the game. 

Moreover, the long-term progression of unlocking the characters allowed us to wait with developing the story until the player had gotten to know the ground-rules of the game."

Game Mechanics

"The idea behind the signature mechanic - the rolling wild orbs, was to introduce an element of deduction, where the player could learn to anticipate the natural movements of the orbs. 

Now, a couple of rolling orbs clearing wins left and right didn’t feel like us pushing ourselves to the limit, so we associated each orb with a separate feature. These features trigger when the orbs roll or fall into one of three hotspots, marked by a blue outline on the game grid. To wrap it up, getting all orbs to move all the way into the bottom right corner triggers the Free Spins feature, so the potential is always there given the spin isn’t completely dead. 

The Free Spins takes the orb mechanic to its ultimate conclusion, adding progressive multipliers and keeping the orbs sticky on the grid. Since the base game is so feature rich and dynamic, we decided to make the Free Spins very volatile, allowing for insane 1000x+ hits to come relatively easy. 

Finally, we have the four character features the player can unlock in the base game. The first one comes for free and is meant to simply help the player get rolling, but the deeper in, the bigger the potential of them. 

Two things we really like about the characters is that they do not lock up RTP into the progression, and that they allow us to make the game more complex and dynamic only when the player is ready for it."

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